Private Investigator Katy, TX

Katy Investigations Firm, a Katy TX private investigator, is a full service private investigator company in Katy that provides investigative services to Katy Texas.

Private Investigator Katy TX

Our private investigators in Katy TX are some of the most highly trained and experienced investigators in the East Texas region . At Texas Private Investigations, we know and understand the importance of conducting discreet investigative services for all our clients.

If it’s catching a cheating spouse, working with the Katy Police Department, or providing background checks, our team of private investigators in Katy TX can get it done. We have the experience to competently conduct your investigation. We believe each case in Katy is as unique as the clients needs.

Although our office is based in Katy TX, our private investigators handle cases throughout Harris County.

Background Check

Katy TX Background Checks

Texas Investigations, also conducts Background Checks investigations in Katy TX and Harris County. Background Checks are used for several reasons. If you’re just checking up on someone in your life or are in the middle of a legal case, Katy TX background checks are an invaluable tool.

Cheating Spouse

Cheating Spouse Investigator Katy Texas

TX Private Investigations, a Katy Private Investigator, can get the answers if you have concerns that your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend may be having an affair. It is our experience in Katy that if your suspect, you’re probably right.

Do you suspect your spouse is having an affair in Katy TX? Our company, Texas Private Investigations, is one of the best cheating spouse investigators in Katy Texas and Harris County. We are an investigation company in Texas that specializes in catching cheating spouses in the act. Contact our Katy office if you have concerns that your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend is having an affair in Harris County.

At Texas Investigations, we believe surveillance is the best way to catch a suspected cheater in Katy Texas. Our investigations are conducted by experienced Katy investigators that use the latest video surveillance technology and covert camera systems.

Texas Private Investigations is one of Katy’s most trusted investigative companies in Texas. Our service areas include Katy, Harris County and surrounding cities.

Missing Person Investigator

Texas Private Investigations is a Private Investigator in Katy TX that has years of experience is locating missing people in Katy Texas and Harris County. Texas Private Investigations can help find an old friend in Katy or locating a runaway child in Harris County.

Counter Surveillance and Bug Sweep

Our Katy Texas Private Investigators are experts in the detection of electronic monitoring devices. Contact us at our Harris County office to learn more about having your house, office, or vehicle checked for audio and video monitoring devices and GPS units.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator in Katy, TX?

The price of hiring a private investigator in Katy Texas can vary depending on the type of service required, the complexity of the case, and the experience level of the investigator. Generally, the hourly rate for a private investigator in Katy can range from $50 to $200 or more. Some private detectives may also charge additional fees for expenses such as travel, equipment, and other related costs.

What is the process of working with a private investigative company in Katy and what should I expect?

The process of working with a private investigator typically involves an initial consultation to discuss the details of the case, followed by the investigator conducting investigations, gathering information, and providing regular updates and reports to the client. The process may vary depending on the specific needs of the client and the circumstances of the case.

How do I hire a private investigator in Katy Texas?

When hiring a private investigator in Katy the process generally includes the following steps:

  1. Conduct research to identify potential private investigators in the area.
  2. Contact the selected private investigator and discuss the case details.
  3. Share relevant information and documents with the investigator.
  4. Agree on the scope of work and payment terms.
  5. The private investigator will commence working on the case, conduct investigations, and provide regular updates and reports to the client.

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