Surveillance is a very useful tool when conducting a private investigation in Texas. Surveillance video footage puts the viewer at the scene of the crime (or location of event) as if they were there when it happened. Our surveillance investigators in Texas also collect evidence that’s necessary such as who a person interacts with, where they travel to, and to identify the person of interest.

Texas Surveillance Investigator

You’ve heard the old saying “a picture say is worth a thousand words” well, video never shuts up.

Below are examples of some cases where surveillance would be necessary.

Cheating Spouse Surveillance

Proving a Parent Unfit

  • When it comes to Child Custody cases, the very first thing a court looks to determine is which parent is best fit to be the custodial parent of the minor children. Surveillance is often a good way to prove an unfit condition such as child endangerment, abuse and neglect, drug and alcohol problems.

Locating a Persons Residence

  • Locating people who have intentionally taken themselves off of the grid can prove to be difficult and sometimes impossible. Surveillance can play a very important roll in locating their true residence.

Locating Employment