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Child custody Investigator cases are the number one heard case in the family law court system. When it comes to Child Custody cases, the very first thing a court looks to determine is which parent is better fit to be the custodial parent of the minor children. This is where The Texas Private Investigations Firm, Private Investigator comes into the picture.

Our seasoned and experienced private investigators know what it takes to win custody of children. Since all cases are unique unto themselves, please contact our office for a no cost no obligation consultation.

Child Custody Investigator Texas

We are a type of private investigation that focus on gathering information and evidence related to child custody cases. These investigations are typically conducted by licensed private investigators who have the training and expertise to uncover the truth and provide clients with the information they need to make informed decisions.

Child custody investigators often gather information about the fitness of the parents to care for the child. This can include monitoring the parents’ activities, conducting interviews with friends and family members, and reviewing financial records. The information gathered during the investigation can be used to help a court make a decision about who should have custody of the child.

TX investigators also often investigate and report on any allegations of child abuse or neglect. This can include interviews with the child, the parents and other people who have knowledge of the case, and also observing the child’s interactions with the parents.

Texas PI also often conduct home studies, which involve visiting the parents’ homes to assess the living conditions, safety and overall environment of the home. This can include interviewing the parents and any other people who live in the home, and also observing the child’s interactions with the parents.

Child custody investigators also often make recommendations to the court regarding the custody arrangements that would be in the best interest of the child. This can include a recommendation for sole or joint custody, or a recommendation for supervised visitation.

Overall, child custody investigator services are a crucial tool for courts and parents who are dealing with child custody cases. By working with a licensed Texas private investigator, clients can gather the information and evidence they need to make informed decisions and ensure that the child’s best interest is protected. It is important to note that private investigators are not allowed to perform certain types of investigation, such as wiretapping, hacking, or breaking and entering without a court order. And also it is important to hire a licensed private investigator, who has the necessary knowledge, qualifications, and experience to conduct the investigation in a legal and ethical manner.