Private Investigator McKinney TX

McKinney Private Investigator Firm is a full service private investigation firm in McKinney, TX. McKinney PI Firm works with the Best Private Investigators in McKinney Texas. Our highly experienced McKinney Private Detectives understand the value of conducting private investigations within the city of McKinney, TX.

Private Investigator McKinney TX

McKinney Private Investigator Services

McKinney PI Firm’s private detectives know and understand the importance of conducting discreet investigations. Our Private Detectives offer affordable investigative services to the city of McKinney TX and Collin County.

Most Private investigator companies in McKinney charge an hourly rate for their detective services.

Below are questions our McKinney private investigators commonly get asked. Our McKinney private eyes will answer all investigative questions you may have.

Private Investigator FAQs

  • How much does a McKinney TX private investigator cost?
  • How do I hire a private investigator in McKinney?
  • What are some of the best private investigation companies in McKinney TX?
  • How do I find a McKinney private investigator near me?

For affordable McKinney private investigation services contact The Texas PI.

Cheating Spouse Investigator

Cheating Spouse - Infidelity

Do you suspect your spouse is having an affair in McKinney TX? Our company is one of the best cheating spouse investigators in McKinney. We specialize in catching cheating spouses in the act.

Texas PI Firm is a McKinney Cheating Spouse Private investigator that can find out if your significant other is having an affair. Contact our McKinney office if you have concerns that your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend is being unfaithful.

McKinney Cheating Spouse FAQs

  • What does hiring a McKinney private investigator to catch a cheating spouse cost?
  • How do I hire a McKinney private investigator to catch a cheating spouse?
  • What is McKinney’s law against a cheating spouse?

At Texas PI, we believe surveillance is the best way to catch a suspected cheater in McKinney Texas. Our investigations are conducted by experienced McKinney investigators that use the latest video surveillance technology and covert camera systems.

Child Custody Investigator McKinney, TX

Child Custody Investigator

We also conduct family law investigations in McKinney. These matters include divorce, child custody, and proving income for child support. Our team of McKinney investigators have the experience in presenting your evidence and testifying in court.

Missing Person Investigator Services

McKinney PI Firm is a Private Investigator company in McKinney TX that has years of experience locating missing people.

Surveillance Private Investigative Services McKinney


All of our McKinney Private Detectives are experts in the detection of electronic monitoring devices.

Contact our McKinney office if you need your house, office, or vehicle checked for audio and video monitoring devices.

Background Check Services

Background Check

Our background check service makes it easy to get background checks in McKinney. Our background checks are as accurate as the McKinney PD.

Background Check FAQs

  • How to get a background check in McKinney TX?
  • How much does a McKinney background check cost?
  • Does the McKinney police dept do background checks?
  • How far back does a McKinney TX background check go?
  • How to get a background check online in McKinney TX?

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal Background Check

Investigators of Texas can do a criminal background check investigation on anyone in McKinney TX or Collin County.

Criminal Background Check FAQs

  1. How far back does a McKinney TX criminal background check go?
  2. How much does a McKinney criminal background check cost?
  3. How do I get a criminal background check in McKinney TX?
  4. How do I get an online criminal background check in McKinney TX?

Employment Background Check in McKinney

Requesting a pre-employment background check investigation can save you valuable time and money in the long run. PI Firm Firm provides accurate employment background checks for anyone in McKinney and Collin County.

Proud to be voted as one of the most trusted investigative companies in McKinney. Our private detective service areas are McKinney, Collin County, and surrounding cities.

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